I was so excited to book my very first corporate event, and what a HUGE event it turned out to be!!! 72 centerpieces! Oh my! I also loved that this was a fundraiser for a very worthy company, The Organic Company. Working with Tracy was very fun (despite the fact she was in the east coast and I was on the West). This event had very specific and detailed needs but I like a challenge! First the vases all had to be no bigger than 4” on the bottom as they were going to be in the middle of a mirrored lazy susan where family style food would be served. Next each vase needed a strand of fairy lights that had its own remote control to light them up! This was THE most important thing to the event planners- it was critical to this event. The vases were going to be lit up once every person sitting at the table donated to the cause!  Lastly we had to fit within a certain color scheme- Kelly green and white. To fit in the color scheme we went with white crepe sola balls with a natural colored moss (to cover the fairy light battery packs).  I think what Tracy and I collaborated to create was very cool, especially with the 3 different heights of the apothecary jars! I’m just sorry I wasn’t there to see all the vases in the room lit up! Hope it was a very profitable event for them!