It was so fun to the flowers for my good friend Michelle’s baby shower. I was honored to do Michelle’s wedding flowers and it was really neat for me to be able to do this for her as well. Michelle’s baby boy shower was a surfing monkey theme so of course I was going to do tropical flowers! I was very grateful Michelle trusted me and gave me free range as to what I wanted to do. Not having done very many tropical arrangements before I was beyond thrilled with how all of them turned out, and more importantly so was Michelle and her guests!

For the tables I did short centerpieces made with tea leaves, aralia leaves, pin-cushion protea and yellow heliconia. I loved the stuffed monkey sitting in the middle! So cute!!

For the food buffet table I made a tall floral piece with red gingers, birds of paradise, green dendrobium orchids, safari, fern pods and monster leaves! Loved it and it looked so pretty where it was placed!

For the drinks table I made another tall arrangement with red gingers, fern shoots and various tropical greenery. This was such a simple arrangement but I think the greenery of variegated tea leaves, umbrealla fern, lily grass and monster leaves really made this arrangement amazing!

I made two arrangements that provided extra décor around the venue. The first arrangement was placed on a table outside around a seating area. This arrangement was made with bird of paradise, green dendrobium orchids, yellow oncidium orchids, tea leaves, aralia leaves and variegated croton leaves. This arrangement was Michelle’s favorite!  I loved it too!

The second arrangement for more décor was used in a room where we all did a fun craft. This arrangement was made with red ginger, heliconia, yellow oncidium orchids, safari, variegated croton leaves and umbrealla fern!

What a lovely shower to celebrate Michelle’s new baby boy on the way! Surfing monkeys with tropical flowers and a white orchid lei for the mommy to be was just perfection!