Aaron and Adeline got married in Carlsbad at the beautiful Crossings venue. The bride had a very clear vision of what she wanted; I love when that happens, makes life so much easier for me! The color scheme Adeline was working with was white and coral and she for sure wanted some kind of tropical flowers. We decided to use coral color mokara orchids and added white oriental lilies just because they are beautiful. Adeline wanted a cascade style bouquet, so I made her one with white oriental lily blooms, coral mokara orchids, green cymbidium orchids (for another nice color pop) and greenery. Adeline also for sure wanted some kind of flowers in her hair and was thrilled with the white phaleonopsis orchid clip I made for her! Looked beautiful in her brown hair!

The bridesmaid’s bouquets complemented Adeline’s bridal bouquet because they were made with white oriental lilies, mokara orchids and bear grass and were stem wrapped with a coral ribbon and finished with a shoe lace style bow.

The rest of the bridal parties flowers were made with orchids. Aaron and his groomsmen boutonnieres were made of white dendrobium orchids, plumosa and a bear grass loop. The moms wore pin-on style corsages made with coral mokara orchid blooms, plumosa, bear grass and a white iridescent bow.

The ceremony site was in my opinion simple yet stunning. Adeline and I went back and forth about doing a scroll pattern in rose petals or not. My opinion was not to do it as it takes a ton of flowers (thus money) and if it’s a breezy day they all blow away. My other thought was yes it looks pretty for photos but once the bridal party starts walking down the bride will never see the beauty that was. Adeline was adamant however and I’m glad she was, because the scroll made of white and coral rose petals really made the ceremony spot beautiful. For the décor along the aisle, Adeline had Sheppard hooks that I adorned with Mason jars filled with a white oriental lily bloom and greenery and tied on to the hook with a coral ribbon; simple yet lovely. The floral arch piece for the wrought iron arch was perhaps one of the favorite I made! So bright and happy! It was made with white oriental lily blooms, coral mokara orchids, coral hypericum berry (for a cool texture), white snapdragons and greenery! So pretty!!!

For the ceremony Adeline went with a simple yet beautiful centerpiece choice. We used cylinder vases that were filled with shells and sea glass and submerged a coral mokara orchid inside. To complete the look we floated 2 small round candles that were later lit on top. Simple yet elegant! I’m sure the flickering light from the candles looked lovely in the room when the sun set.

Adeline asked me if I would be willing to make her a lei for a special dance tribute for her mom. It was such a lovely story learning that her mom taught her to hula as a little girl and to thank her for everything Adeline intended to do a hula for her mom at the reception! How could I not oblige her with a lei? The lei I made (which Adeline gave to her mom after her dance) was made with white and green dendrobium orchids and coral mokara orchids and was tied together with a coral bow. Loved the pop of color with the coral against the green and white!

This was such a fun wedding to do and Adeline was such a sweet person to work with!